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Narmadha MylsamyOwner/Designer

When I see any home, my thoughts are always about how to dress up that space and make it more beautiful. I think every home has its own potential and it feels so good when I make that come out with my own work.    

         My origin is India and I am living in the US for about 16 years. After finishing up my studies, I was working as a Quality Assurance Engineer. As a QA Engineer,  I always had an eye to look for the fine details, perfectness and achieve the same by finding solutions. Having that as a gift and my extreme interest to home decor made me think about the Home Staging/Design industry.

       From my childhood, I am so passionate about home decorating. When I have free time, I just enjoy spending my time in the home decor shops. I can spend my whole day there with no sign of boredom. I decorated my home with so much love to it and have got multiple compliments from my friends and family. According to me, all the homes are beautiful. When we emphasize the positives,  it will look much more beautiful and will give you the wonderful feeling of living there.

      I am very happy and proud to say that I am a HSR Certified Professional Home stager and Re-designer. It made my dreams come true. The HSR Certification training was the first and is the only US-based Accredited Staging and Redesign training recognized by the Real Estate Staging Association. HSR has been serving the staging and redesign industry for over 10 years and has an A+ rating with the BBB.

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