Vacant Staging

Vacant Home Staging Package

The need to stage a vacant home is more critical than a furnished home. At CNS Home Staging, our goal will be to add enough home furnishings in order to give the space a warm, open and comfortable feel that gives the buyers a frame of reference and fuels their imagination. Below is our vacant home staging process...

Initial Consultation - CNS Home Staging Company meets with the home sellers and real estate agent, goes over the process, the budget and reviews the home.

Furniture Planning - When the home seller decides to proceed, the CNS Home Staging company meets with the furniture rental company that best fits this project. We have pre-arranged relationships with furniture rental companies that serve different purposes, depending on the type of the home.

Staging Day - The CNS Home Staging Company meets the furniture rental movers at the home and direct where all of the pieces should go. Will complete staging with all the necessary furnitures and accessories. Will send you beautiful pictures of your staged home. Will also create video with beautiful staged pictures to post it for the online listing. 

Sold & De-staging - When the house is sold and escrow is almost closed we will then meet with the furniture rental movers and spend a day de-staging the home.

Pricing will vary depending on the size of your home and the number of rooms to be staged. Call to get your quote.